So, I thought I saw snow forming today here in beautiful Orlando. It was wicked early in the morning and it was cold and I was super tired – so maybe I didn’t get all of the sleep out of my eyes yet, so maybe I was seeing spots. Anyways, I’ve been doing some serious prep work for Turkey Day – I want to mutilate the turkey that will be sitting in front of me on my plate. I’ve been doing zero ab work outs, zero excercises, eating big meals and drinking a lot of soda. The looser my abs are the more food I can put in there. Eating big meals to keep warm and to stretch my belly out. And finally, drinking soda to keep my teeth clean and to stay awake. I don’t know why that helps, but it seems to be doing the job. What are you guys doing to get ready for Turkey Day? Just a reminder for you Florida people and Cursive fans – that the show Wednesday at the Firestone is on and that doors open at 6pm. Be there and get ready to have a grip load of fun.