We showed up to Phil’s place on Easter Sunday to snap this pic and the scene at his home was quite comical. Brother Bob was sitting at the kitchen table with Mr. Soven trying to figure out the absolute minimum score he had to get on a final exam (yes bob does online schooling at the University of Central Florida) in order to pass the class. At the same time the youngest of the Soven’s, Jason, was out back shooting Phil’s pellet gun at random trees and whatever else was in his way and Phil was NOT happy about it. Adam Errington was also there sprawled out on the couch taking advantage of Phil’s television for the NBA finals. I think Phil was a bit on edge wondering if this would somehow turn into another prank on him, but I considered it to be a peace offering. So please, click on the links below, enter your credit card numbers and you’ll surely be on your way to crow mobe 720’s and a pocket full of prize money…


Board: Liquid Force S4 Phil Soven Pro Model

Bindings: Liquid Force Soven Boots

Helmet: Custom painted Rip It Energy drink Helmet

Handle: Liquid Force Soven Handle

Rope: Liquid Force Dyneema 82.5 feet (with handle)

Boat: Malibu Wakesetter VLX 21.5 feet

Weight: a lot. haha

Apple I-Pad: I rent movies on it all time. It’s a must have for all the traveling I do…There’s a pretty sick snowmobile game on it I wish I could tell you what it was called but I ran the battery dead playing it today.

T-Shirt?: Plain V’s.

Vest: LF cardigan Comp Vest

Sneaks: Sanuk Standard Upgrade Sidewalk Surfers

Knee BraceCTI custom Vapor Brace

Alarm Clock – Lennox sound model CR776 – A few years back in Qatar I slept through the semi-finals round and got disqualified from the event which was a huge bummer (ed. note: the semi final round was at 2 PM) so now my dad and brother constantly give me crap for it which is why I bring this alarm clock with me to all the contests. I’ve had it since I was like 12 years old and I can’t believe the snooze button hasn’t broke by now…I’m a snoozer for sure. Haha.