Photo: Bradlee Rutledge


My real name is… Tyler Higham

Most people know me by… Ty

My age is… 15

But my fake ID says I am… Mike Dowdy hahahaha

I currently live… in Bend, OR

But would rather live… in Discovery Bay, CA or Orlando, FL

Being home schooled… is awesome, you can ride whenever you want!

Orlando… is awesome. So many fun people to ride with and it’s always warm. Thanks to Tony Carroll for always letting me stay with him while I’m in town!

Best pickup line… I don’t really have one, my game sucks… hahaha

My favorite candy is… Milky Way!!!!!!!!

iPhone games… Trivia Crack

Wakeboarding… is awesome, everyone is friends, always nice and it is just an all around awesome sport and lifestyle.

Big wakes… are pushing the sport to new heights!

Style… is something that I will always try to incorporate into my riding no matter what, I feel that nowadays style is a rare thing to come upon in a rider.

The Twelkers… are the nicest family ever, they do so much for me I can’t explain how much I appreciate what they do for me. They are the reason I am where I am right now.

I have always loved…  women and money!!!!!!!

My biggest pet peeve… people who drive slow

Training… I train with Josh Twelker in Discovery Bay in the summer. He is a good coach, awesome dude, and a sick wakeboarder (as everyone knows) and I have been training a lot this winter with Ryan Jordan at Elevate Athletics.

Contest… I had a lot of fun riding the Nautique Wake Series last summer.

I would like to thank… My sponsors CWB and Fox, the Twelker family, and most importantly my parents.