MSRP: $1650 + shipping

What They Say:
The Pulldozer is built for riders, by riders. Pulldozer uses
a 6.5 HP engine with a torque converter. It will do deep-water starts and
the large wheels allow for ease of rolling in dirt or grass. It attaches to
the receiver of your vehicle or it can be staked to the ground. The spool
holds up to 1,000 feet of line and has a roller rope feeder. The Pulldozer
uses a lever throttle and the buyer has the option of adding a brake to
their winch. Total weight is 150 pounds.

What We Say:
Simple and totally functional, that’s how we like things at
Alliance. The new Pulldozer winch, custom built by Ryan Schuppert out of
Lake Shasta, CA, does just that. A handful of the Nor-Cal water rats have
been using Pulldozers everywhere from ditches on the side of the road, to
the Delta, to overflowing creeks. If you want to take your riding to the
“streets,” the Pulldozer is a great vehicle to make it happen.