So here’s the deal…On Wednesday April 9, 2008, the University of Oregon’s wakeboard and waterski club held a one-of-a-kind event, an on campus movie premier. One of the large lecture halls was converted to a state of the art movie theater with a huge 20 foot projector screen on which Push Process was shown. Viewers were treated to free copies of Alliance and more Monster Energy drinks than anyone knew what to do with. A raffle followed the movie, and the sponsors kicked down so much product I am pretty sure everyone walked out of the theater with some new gear. Portland Ski Boat Center threw in a couple new Liquid Force setups and Hyperlite made someone’s night with a new Premier. Big thanks to all of our sponsors: Portland Ski Boat Center, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Blue Turns Wakeboard School, Alliance, Monster Energy Drinks, and Oakley.





Liquid Force

Blueturns Wakeboard School

Portland Ski Boat Center