Update bros: my full month on the road capped off last week with a trip to Seattle to film for the upcoming Parks Bonifay documentary. Pat Panakos had visited Radar Lake the week before and dropped down a special little rail just for the film, one that he worked with Alliance and P.B. on specifically. It was 102 feet long, with a 35-foot pool in the middle and two 30+-foot ramps on each side — the first of it's kind, I believe.

Chad Sharpe and Adam Errington came along for the week, and in between we also made a two-day trip out to Eastern Washington's version of Lake Powell — Crescent Bar. CB will now rank as one of my most under-appreciated spots in wakeboarding, if you get the chance to go there you should definitely take it. What will not rank on my list is Redmond, WA … it's hard for a Southerner to trust a town that only has one bar. Washingtonians, you may have us beat for clean air and nicer summer temperatures, but now I know why you are all such lightweights when it comes time to belly up.

As for the shoot, well, P.B. is well on his way to recovery after last year's horrifying knee ordeal, and his focus has been specifically shifted to hitting rails better than anyone else in the world. He pretty much dominated Pat's rail in session after session during the week, despite the early morning call times and chilly weather.

Our thanks to all the people at Ronix for helping this trip to happen, especially all of the O'Brien's for their hospitality and to Scott and Nick Jobe for being awesome. Everyone else who was there — Matchstick, Jason, Ashley and anyone else I forgot, thanks a bunch.