Rail Jam Final – Toe Jam Stop #1
Wakeskaters Throw Down On Day 3

          16 riders killed it today at The Projects outside of Orlando, Florida for the rail park title at the Rockstar Rail Jam. The Sea-Doo Wake Edition towed steady and the lines were glassy all day.
    Standout riders were Andrew Pastura, Reed Hansen, Clint Tompkins and Nick Taylor, who all made it into the final four. Tompkins and Taylor were on their game, advancing to the head-to-head final.
Taylor, who suffered a minor knee injury at the end of his semis run (kickflip) won the coin toss, opting to ride second. Tompkins landed a back lip shove off the Sea-Doo incline, boardslide 270 shove off the O’Neill flat rail, front board 360 over the Liquid Force high flat rail, front board / boardside over the Rockstar a-frame, front board shove off the O’Neill flat bar and a front board on the Arnette banked rail. Three falls left a bit of room for Taylor to take advantage of.
Taylor shook off his knee injury no problem, stomping a boardslide shove off the O’Neill flat bar, toeside 360, an ollie boardslide shove, switch 360 off the Air Nautique kicker, backside big spin, back lip shove off the Sea-Doo incline, backside big spin, backside 180 over the Rockstar ollie, front lip shove off the O’Neill flat rail, boardslide shove off the Sea-Doo incline, front board shove off the O’Neill flat rail, switch boardslide / front board on the Rockstar a-frame, a front board / boardslide shove off the Liquid Force high flat rail and capped off his run off with a switch Madonna off the Air Nautique kicker.

“It’s been a euphoric expression of everything I love about wakesting compressed into one weekend of epic-ness,” Taylor said. “The Toe Jam is the summit of the wakeskating ranks. It’s not so much the reputation of the event itself but really the truth behind the raw talent that is exposed throughout the weekend. No matter what side you prefer to excel in wakeskating, Scott Byerly has created a place to showcase everything you can do and for that we all owe him so much.”
     This weekend, Taylor and Pastura earned an invitation to the Byerly Toe Jam Series Final presented by O’Neill on September 18-20. Other pre-qualified champions include Tompkins, Brian Grubb, Aaron Reed, Ben Horan, Reed Hansen and Brandon Thomas. Another wildcard (to be determined from this event) will also be invited to the final.
    Stop number two will be the Rockstar Cable Jam, June 12-14 at the TSR in New Braunfels, Texas.

This stop of the Toe Jam is made possible with the help of Rockstar Energy Drink, Sea-Doo, O’Neill, Nike 6.0, Liquid Force, Arnette, Southeast Correct Craft and Air Nautiques. For more info, go to http://byerlytoejam.com


Toe Jam Tour 2008 Stop #1 – Rail Head-To-Head

Heat #1

1.    Clint Tompkins
2.    Ben Horan

Heat #2

1.    Nick Taylor
2.    Danny Hampson

Heat #3

1.    Brian Grubb
2.    Ryan Doyle

Heat #4

1.    Enric Dosta
2.    Matt Hooker

Heat #5

1.    Bret Little
2.    Stuart Shinn

Heat #6

1.    Reed Hansen
2.    Nick Harlos

Heat #7

1.    Brandon Thomas
2.    Andrew Pastura

Heat #8

1.    Ross Gardner
2.    Steven Campbell


Rails – Finals Head-to-Head Bracket

Brian Grubb                        Clint Tompkins
     Nick Taylor                Clint Tompkins    
Nick Taylor                            Matt Hooker
         Clint Tompkins           
         Nick Taylor              
        Nick Taylor        
Reed Hansen                           Ross Gardner
    Reed Hansen                  Andrew Pastura   
Bret Little                            Andrew Pastura