Yesterday Max Van Helvoort dropped the newest trick wakeboarding has seen, mute double cork 1080.  For those who don’t understand that is two full flips, a backside 1080 and a mute grab.  If you are going to claim to be the first to do a trick this is how you want to do it.  Social media blew up with everyone reposting and amping on Max landing it so we collected some of the best reactions and have them here.

“Much respect man, stoked to see you pushing it and making our sport look sick as shit!!!”  -JD Webb

“Yeah Max! It’s about time we started using trick names that are synonymous with the movements of the trick akin to snowboarding. Nice one.”  -Darin Shapiro

“So stoked for my roommate! Maxim van Helvoort going ham!!”  – Cory Teunissen

“My dude Maxim van Helvoort just stomped the world’s first double cork on a wakeboard! So damn stoked for this guy!”  -Guenther Oka

“Max Van Maxim van Helvoort owning it on this Manuever…Anyone who know me knows I’ve got a major soft spot for double flips. This one takes the cake!”  -Jeff Mckee

“So pumped on Maxim van Helvoort stomping this and making progression happen!”  -Oli Derome

“The sickest double on a wakeboard period…”  -Keenan Allen

Maxim van Helvoort with the kill”  -Jacob Valdez

“Wow, this is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen Maxim van Helvoort changing the game”  -Joe Battleday