Check out what Felix Georgii & Steffen Vollert have to say about their Real Wake 2017 segment!

Felix from the top rope with Steffen in the danger zone (photo: Suess)

Felix – When I got the call from Bill to take part in Real Wake, I immediately started thinking and planning. He told me we had two months from then and the problem was my schedule was packed for that time already. After I got off the phone with Bill, I called Steffen and asked him to be my filmer. He was just as stoked as I was but also just as busy for the next two months. So we first had to cancel most of the events and shoots we had planned and then started brainstorming on what we actually wanted to do for the Real Wake part. Three weeks after we got the call, we started our road trip through Germany and shot the first week at winch spots in the north/west of Germany. It went really well and our crew with Steffen, Lukas Suess, Lukas Joas and myself worked out perfect. Everybody knew what to do when we got to a spot and often we were done shooting by 7 – 8am.

I had a pretty bad crash on the very first day of shooting, and hurt my hip pretty bad but just fought through the first part of our trip. After seven days limping to the spots but still getting a shot every day, I actually couldn’t walk anymore and we had to take a break for a week. So we drove from Hamburg back to my place which is on the other side of Germany all the way in the south. With a lot of stretching during our week off, I felt better and we started shooting again. We called the last trip “Ender Tour” because we knew every spot we shot had to be a big one. It was kind of scary to go to spots where you know if something goes wrong you could get injured and not be able to finish the part. But we got lucky and finished after another week on the road. As Steffen sat down every day after shooting and started putting the shots into the timeline, we had a solid base for the part and he just had to do fine tuning on the editing. Even though winching is a lot of work, it’s totally worth every second working with your friends on it. But without such incredible friends it wouldn’t been possible to make anything like that!

Ya win some, ya lose some (photo: Suess)

Steffen – X Games Real Wake 2017 is, by far, the highlight of my career. I have been dreaming of the chance to be part of the X Games since I started wakeboarding and it doesn’t make a difference to me if I took part as an athlete or the filmer. X Games gold is X Games gold…the biggest achievement you can reach in action sports. Right after Felix hit me up, asking me if i wanted to be his filmer, we both already were 100% committed and canceled all our plans in the available timespan. I started researching and rewatching all the past Real Wake parts the weeks before we started shooting, checked how many tricks would fit in 90 seconds and what the overall trip could be like. After a few more investments, like roof racks for my van, new camera equipment, winch equipment, etc, we started our road trip through Germany. Fortunately I just came back from a 2 week long winch trip with another sponsor so I was already in winch mode and scouted a few spots we definitely had to hit again.

We had an amazing crew and everywhere we stopped we had homies who had a spare room to stay in for the nights and winching in general worked out just perfect. It’s kind of weird to say but producing this 90 second part was easier than expected and I am sooo ready for another X Games experience.

During the trip and the editing, I realized how much I actually love to capture the street aspect of wakeboarding and to me winching is the most raw wakeboarding can be. Thanks for the opportunity Alliance and thanks Felix for the trust you have put in me. I can’t wait to load up the van again to drive the crew around germany to create another amazing piece.

C-rails are fun (Photo: Vollert)

This is about as close to a 5-0 on a wakeboard you can get… (photo: Suess) Golden boys! (photo: Rutledge)

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