With the end of Brosephus Maximus weekend (a.k.a. Surf Expo) and all the craziness that comes with it, I’ve been able to get back out on the water and play paparrazi with the world’s best wakeboarders. Here’s some of what’s been going down in the greater Orlando area recently.

Just the other day I headed out to Hiawassee to meet up with Danny Harf, Chad Sharpe, Rusty Malinoski and Shawn Watson. The boys were up to their usually trickery of riding ridiculously good. Lots of big spinning manuevers from those gentlemen. Danny and Chad were on their new Ronix setups and both of them are pumped up on how they ride. Mother Nature was on our side, too, as the light was awesome and the water was just right. She must really like watching those dudes shred. I rode in the tube all evening and really enjoyed the show.

On Sunday morning I skipped church to go shoot with Ben Greenwood, Rob Jacques, and Wakeboard Camp instructor Bo Burton. God didn’t seem to mind us working on the Sabbath, ’cause he blessed us with some ultra shreddable butter that morning. Rob had never ridden with Benny before, so he was really excited for that. Ben was riding on his new pro model, The Witness, and looking better than ever; grabbing and poking everything in signature Benny G fashion. Because Worlds was going on in Texas that very morning, Ben and Rob made sure to drop at least one contest hammer while riding in honor of the competition. Rob won with his gigantic melan crow 5. He left Clermont and headed back to the Projects feeling great about the morning, but he ended up leaving his rope and vest there, which just means he’ll have to go back and ride with Benny again sometime soon.