It’s been a few months since our first announcement of the trip to ride with Scott Byerly and Randall Harris contest. Needless to say the amount of submission letters have been amazing as you’d expect with something as unique as this.

In speaking with our sports two most iconic athletes, both are looking forward to not only riding with the winners but they’re also looking forward to riding together. There’s obviously a lot of history between the two and even for us it’s a big deal to share it with them. A continued thank you to Arnette in helping make this possible.

The current qualifying submissions into the final drawing have been chosen; each will be receiving info from Arnette including shades. If you’re one of the lucky listed below, consider yourself one step closer…

Kevin Knopf
Brian Hileman
Jeff Mile
Ricky Worthen
David Petersen
Fritz Heffinger

As for anyone still submitting, keep it up. Chances are good.

Submit Here


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