Rockstar Wake Jam
Hippodrome To Host West Coast Toe Jam Stop #3
         Stop number three on the Byerly Toe Jam, the world’s most
progressive wakeskate tour is just hours away from commencing in Toledo,
Washington on July 12-14 at Koppert Lake, home of the original Hippodrome
wakeskate event.
         Known as a heavy lifestyle gathering, many wakeskaters and friends
will be camping on site and enjoying the laid-back vibe put in motion by
Hippodrome founder, Silas Thurman.
         The top three finalists of this Malibu wake-heavy contest will be
invited to the final Byerly Toe Jam in Orlando in September. In addition to
the wake action will be a bonus Nike 6.0 winch event.

         Wakeskaters are encouraged to sign up immediately to become part of
the most important contest series in the history of the sport. Register
online now at: <>
         Supporting this leg of the tour is presenting sponsor Rockstar
Energy Drink, in addition to Malibu Boats, Nike 6.0, Billabong and Byerly
        For more info go to, or for directions to
Koppert Lake, go to