For the past few years there has been one event in early April that has done nothing but lift the spirits of those who attend and make everybody just all-around happy in general. This event is Shane Bonifay's birthday bash on Clear Lake, and it has become known as Boobs, Tubes and Beer on Clear. I'm not exactly sure why it has "Beer" in the title, because as you can plainly see from these images, there was nothing but "Not Beer" there. Whatever, it was a great time.

This year the bash was hosted by both Shane and Kevin Henshaw, who's birthdays are just a few days apart. Lots of friends came out with their boats and tubes to make a giant floating party on the middle of Clear Lake and celebrate. Music blasted, people floated around, some tried to race across the tubes without falling (most failed), and everybody did some serious merry making.

As is typical with Florida, though, an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in and blew everybody off the water, thus bringing an end to another year of floating birthday celebration Clear Lake style. Happy birthday to both Shane and Kevin… who's ready for 2009?