Kelowna, B.C., Canada — Phillip Soven, 18, is now three-for-four on the 2007 MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, after capturing his third win of the season today in Kelowna. The Florida native took the top spot after upsetting the two favorites to win the Kelowna contest, Canadian riders Chad Sharpe and Rusty Malinoski who both tied for third place. Fellow Floridian Trevor Hansen also beat out the Canadian duo for a second-place finish in Canada.  
“I’m so stoked to win today, it’s the perfect momentum for going into our final stop,” said Soven. “This win was killer, I just need to keep on riding like I did today and I should be fine.”
Soven has been battling all season long with Malinoski for the top spot in the Indmar Performance Standings. With the win in Kelowna, Soven now paces all riders in the standings, but the overall title will come down to the tour’s final stop in Portland, OR July 21-22.
Keith Lidberg made a splash in Kelowna as he competed in the final round of compeitition and captured the Rip It Rail Trick Award.
Aussie Mitchell Langfield claimed the win in Kelowna for the Rip It JX Series. Langfield becomes only the second rider to win on the JX Series this season, as AJ Racinelli has captured all the previous tour stops. The Series title will also be on the line for the Jr. riders in Portland.  
The tour will conclude in Portland, Ore., July 21-22. The winner of the season-long dash to be the world’s top rider will receive a $10,000 Indmar Performance Award.
MasterCraft is the exclusive tow boat for the Pro Wakeboard Tour, as it has been since the tour’s wakeboarding events began in 1992. Indmar Marine engines will provide the power for MasterCraft’s X Series line of competition tow boats. Rip It Energy Fuel is the exclusive sponsor of the JX Series, the proving ground for amateur male riders 18 and under, who will also be competing in Kelowna.

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1st –  Phillip Soven
2nd –  Trevor Hansen
3rd – Rusty Malinoski
3rd – Chad Sharpe
5th – Daniel Watkins
5th – JD Webb
5th – Danny Harf
5th – Keith Lidberg
Junior Men (14-18) – Finals  
Heat  01
1 Mitchell Langfield AUS  60.56
2 Rhett Whatley    USA   59.56
3 Jimmy LaRiche    USA   52.22
4 Ryan Anderson   USA   45.89
5 Robert Soven      USA   43.89
6 Bradey Price       CAN   38.33
7 Steven Cahail      USA   34.67
8 James  Hindes      USA   30.33
Pro Men Head to Head – Round 2
1 Chad Sharpe   CAN    100.00
2 JD Webb         USA      90.00
1 Phillip Soven    USA    97.5
2 Daniel Watkins   AUS  92.5
1Trevor Hansen   USA       96.00
2 Danny Harf        USA     94.00
1 Rusty Malinoski   USA  100.00
2 Keith Lidberg       USA     90.00
Pro Men Head to Head – Round 1
Left Side
1 JD Webb           USA   100.00
2 Aaron Rathy    CAN      90.00
1 Chad Sharpe     CAN    100.00
2 Gabe Lucas       USA     90.00
1 Daniel Watkins   AUS   97.5
2 Erik Ruck            USA  92.5
1 Phillip Soven       USA  100.00
2 Scotty Broome     AUS    90.00
Right Side
1 Trevor Hansen   USA   97.5
2 Shawn Watson   USA  92.5
1 Danny Harf   USA      100.00
2 Bryan Hutton  USA       90.00
1 Keith Lidberg   USA  100.00
2 Dustin O’Ferrall USA  90.00
1 Danny Thollander   USA 90.00
2 Rusty Malinoski     CAN  100.00