Being Washed Up has never been more popular

The Alliance booth always manages to be one of the best places to hang out during Expo. With videos playing on two giant screens, a sound system that blows the boat companies away, all the mags from throughout the year, and some comfy seats, it’s a good place to be when things get hectic at the other booths. 2011 will mark Alliance’s 10th birthday, so we knew we had to do some special things for Surf Expo this year. Thanks to the help from some rad companies, we’ve got some cool commemorative goodies on display. The booth has also played host to the unveiling of this year’s Ambush/ Global Rider Search and a screening of Obscura’s “Washed Up Before We Were Has Beens” team video. A big congrats to ripper Scott Stewart — not that it was much of a surprise when his video hit the WWW a few weeks back — but he is the newest Global Rider find and will receive a year’s sponsorship from Ambush/Buywake, Liquid Force and others. The “Washed Up” screening packed the booth to the gills as people from all over the Expo floor came to check out the action. Even Danny and the Dingo were there. Stay tuned for more news from Expo and Toe Jam over the next day.