Orlando, Fla. – 27 of the best rail-riding wakeboarders in the world challenged each other today at the sport’s most important rail contest, The Carnival presented by Fox, at The Projects outside of Orlando, Florida.
      Collin Harrington was the standout rider of the day, riding smooth behind the Sea-Doo Wake Edition on the five main hits available such as the Slingshot banked flat rail, Gator Boards huge modified A-frame, the Rockstar (aka: Relentless) kinked rail, long Hyperlite A-frame (aka: Performance) and the new Fox Gap.
      Eight riders qualified through the battles today, and are now preparing for the 16-man head-to-head final on Saturday, with the top rider to face returning heavyweight champ, Mr. Parks Bonifay in the main event for the coveted title and Carnival Belt. Bonifay has been warming up for the occasion and is looking as good as ever on the rails.
      The Carnival, a historic event known as the first-ever rail contest,  was held for the first time in 1998 and again in 2000. In 2007, the contest is resurrected with the suport of Fox Riders Co., Rockstar Energy Drink, Sea-Doo, Gator Boards, Hyperlite, Slingshot and the official media sponsor, Alliance Multimedia.
The Carnival presented by Fox – Friday Challenging round results
      Top 2 Transfer To Saturday’s head to head Finals
Heat 1:
1.    Aaron Rathy
2.    Rusty Malinoski
3.    Adam Errington
4.    Kyle Rattray
5.    Chris Law
6.    Yannick Thibault
7.    Dylan Miller
Heat 2:
1.    Collin Harrington
2.    Shawn Watson
3     Marc Rossiter     
4.    Brian Reeder
5.    Julian Cohen
6.    Nick Valliere
7.    Matt Hirschbeil   
Heat 3:
1.    Anthony Hollick
2.    Daniel Watkins
3     Trevor Hanson
4.    Travis Propst
5.    Raphael Derome
6.    Jeff McKee
7.    Adam Burwell      
Heat 4:
1.    Oliver Derome
2.    Jack Blodgett
3.    Daniel Powers
4.    Clay Fletcher
5.    Didier Godbout    
6.    Brett Eisenhauer
Qualified through to Saturday
Rusty Malinoski
Shawn Watson
Jack Blodgett
Collin Harrington
Anthony Hollick
Daniel Watkins
Aaron Rathy
Oliver Derome
Already invited to Saturday
Erik Ruck
Keith Lyman
Chad Sharpe
Shane Bonifay
Keith Lidberg
Robby Jacques
Danny Harf
J.D. Webb
Parks Bonifay – Returning champ. Will meet the best rider for a head-to-head final.