bmr02403Bugler, Little Caesars, Evan Williams, Dad Cams, Bow & Arrows, Australians and more… thats Valdosta

The Coalition The Movie is the brain child of Wesley Jacobsen and the Valdosta Wake crew which premiered at Premiers and Beers in the Alliance Wake Media Lounge during Surf Expo.  You might have thought that after last years successful web videos they were busy cashing checks and coasting but you would be wrong.  They have been in the streets, trenches,  sewage ponds and more stacking clips for their movie.  Along with the premier, Ambush Board Co. and Slingshot partnered up to create a limited edition board and there is only 1 left which is being raffled off.  With each dollar you donate towards the movie it will give you an e raffle ticket and chance to win the final Coalition board.  All you have to do is go to Valdosta Wake Compound and make a minimum donation of $1 and you will be able to download the movie and be instantly entered for the board giveaway.