Today's topic: Who is New Jersey's number one son, Jon Bon Jovi or Bruce Springsteen? If you spend any time at all in New Jersey you have to make a choice, it's about as important as Republican or Democrat. After two days of silent meditation on the subject, I've concluded that for guys it's the Boss and the ladies love old Jonny Hairspray. I had an advantage on feeling out the vibe though, since both of their houses are in the neighborhood we are staying at in Rumson, New Jersey this week on the final leg of the Oakley filming sessions for Push Process. This is definitely NOT the New Jersey you know from watching The Sopranos, it's more like being in a Georgia beach town but with much better food and no mosquitos. And the weather and water conditions are possibly the best I've encountered all year — about 80 degrees each day and just a hint of a distant sea breeze to cool you off.

George Daniels, Keith Lyman and Amber Wing are here to put the finishing touches on their sections for the movie, and we've got one more day before we all move on to New York City to see if we can get arrested with our winch. Amber came within inches of landing a historic move yesterday, ironically on one of the country's most historic bodies of water — the Delaware River. We're heading back this afternoon and the group has even money that she's going to stick it. Hey, when in New Jersey, you might as well make a friendly little wager, right? Lyman got a package from the Brown Santa this morning — the propeller he needs to put on our boat so that he can blow the roof off the mother. There is possibly no other person in the world that knows as much about wakeboarding boats as Keith Lyman, and he doesn't even own one…strange.

More from New York later this week, but to see some of Justin Stephen's and Chase Heavener's video grabs from the past few days, check out the blog section of