Life is full of choices…Clay doesn’t always make the right ones, but when he does, he wins big. 


Rain or Shine: Love me some good sunshine! However the lakes would dry up without rain…If it just rained at night that would be cool.


Mountains or the Beach: All I need is a cool buzz and some sick waves and I’m fine, but I do love me some mountain life too. Maybe if I could live in a place where both collide like on one of those tattoos that your bro got on his arm? Sick man!


Truck or car: El camino dude!


Beer or Liquor: Beer, keep my buzz at a mello pace.


Winch or Cable: Cable! System 2.0 is like a mix! I can’t wait to see some of the spots people are going to set them up at.


Clay getting boosted at the wake open riding the famous system 2.0.


Country or Classic Rock: Classic country, you know like Willie Waylon and the boys.


Socks or no Socks: Socks! If I don’t my shoes end up smelling like a dead snake on a hot summers day. Not good is what that would smell like.


Haircuts – Professional or DIY: Neither! Let that doo ride!


Soap or Shampoo: Shampoo can double as soap right?


Babysitters – Shane or Rossiter: Ooooo um…Maybe both of them as a team could work… but I’m not sure who would look after Shane and Marc.


Clay Fletcher – proud new father and world class babysitter spending time with daughter Jolene.


Fiddle or Banjo: Banjo! Just try not to smile and stomp a foot when that thing gets rolling!


Gators or Snakes: Gators. Snakes weird me out a bit. Plus death rolls sound bad ass and poisonous bites are kind of a bitch move.

Fly or Drive: Drive! Rubber side down yeew.


Vegan or Meat-eater: what the fuck’s a vegan..?


Fishing – Salt water or Fresh: Salt would be the best selection of eating what you caught, but I still get a kick out of searching for that big billy bass in the freshness. Just give me a fishing pole and a beer and I’ll be happy with either.