When Randall speaks it’s best to listen…pics: Cortese


Mountains or the beach:

Definitely mountains.  The beach is cool cuz there’s beautiful women in bikinis but I don’t like the ocean.  I prefer to be in the mountains with the snow bunnies and a good vantage point on my enemies.



Sandals or shoes:

Always shoes!  Might catch me in some house slippers though.  Side note: Sandal pants are lame.  Don’t be wearin sandals with pants.  Not a good look for anyone.



Socks or not:

Socks of course.  No one likes stanky planks.



Black or white:

Can’t have one without the other.



Shades: Inside or out:

Shades at all times.  When you’re as cool as me its always bright.



Cable or winch:

I winch cuz I keeps it gutter.



Boxers or briefs:

Boxer briefs or commando, depends on the mission.



Coffee or tea:

I drink Rockstar Energy Drinks.



Blonde or brunette:

This is a serious question.  Says a lot about a man.  I’m 100% a brunette man.



Tube or slalom:

Neither.  One is for chirrens and one is for senior citizens.



Contests: Sorter rope or longer lake:

Longer lake fa sho!



Film or photos:

I paint on both canvas’.  If I absolutely HAD to choose one I would choose film because the combination of film and music is straight romantic.



TV or Internet:

I read books.



Mac or PC:

Mac!  If you’re not a Mac and Iphone user you’re in denial.



Text or call:

I prefer text because I’m an awkward phone conversationalist.  You gotta be careful though because texts leave a digital trail that can be used as evidence against you in a court of law.



Dogs or cats:

DOGS!  If you don’t love dogs I don’t trust you.



NWA or Beastie Boys:

Niggas Wit Attitudes!  It’s a California thing.



X factor or the voice:

I’ve never watched either.  I cannot therefore make an educated decision.



Candy or soda:

Candy dipped in soda.



Raph Derome or Harley Clifford:

Who?  Just playin, reeeelax.  They aaaight.



Dry suit or day off:

No days off.  Catch me at the skatepark….chuuuuuch!