photo by Patrick Wieland


Blonde or brunette: Brunette, my girlfriend is a brunette and I like to keep her happy.


French or English: Frenglish. I have to respect the language of love, but at the same time I am aspiring to be a star in America, and for that I chose English.


Undies or none-dies: Undies for sure, even when I ride. They’re the seatbelt for my manhood.


Shoes or sandals: Oh I hate sandals, absolutely hate them. They kill my confidence almost immediately.


Hat or sunscreen: I never wear sunscreen but I definitely should, because my nose seems to be bloody red and doesn’t change back till winter time. Hopefully next year will be a better year with my new Vertra deal.


Breakfast or dinner: Breakfast definitely. I’m in love with cinnamon toast crunch. Get me some and I’ll teach you wakeboarding for free. Haha.


Handstand or kegstand: What’s a kegstand? Is that with beer? Probably neither because I’m finally back on the water after battling an elbow injury / infection, so I am taking better care of my body now…


Nosepress or five-o: That’s a good one but I can’t decide. Maybe I’ll go with nosepress for my good friend Pat Panakos.


Afro or pony tail: Fro. Have you not heard of lake lions? Let your hair down and live…


Tattoo’s or piercings: Tattoo’s if I must choose, but I prefer my ladies to be clean and natural.


Tall tee or long shorts: That’s an easy one. Tall tee. Tall enough to cover your shorts completely and tease the ladies. Teasin’ with steeze.


Electric guitar or piano: Piano. I’m a classy guy who enjoys classy things.