This weekend dudes embarked on the rose city to compete in the Tige Pro/AM. After two beautiful, perfect days I finally headed out to Blue Lake park for the finals in the rain. Since it was raining, my viewing was slightly hindered by the fact that I didn't want to leave the dryness of the Nike 6.0 booth Silas Thurman had so daftly set up. It consisted of his wrapped vehicle, a hammock and three chairs. No free product, he said when they started giving it out the day before they were bombarded.

But you see, Silas did it right, because the one thing he did have going for him was a constant stream of pros. And everyone loves pros, right! In the morning it was wakeskaters, and as the day went on, wakeboarding's best also swung through.

I sat there with my zoom lens on, trying to shoot some action shots, but every time a dude would roll through I'd be struggling to get the close up shot. Finally Silas told me to change my lens. "Everyone cool it going to come through here," he said. "You need to be prepared." And prepared I was. Here's what went down.

Oh yeah and Stu Shinn won for wakeskaters and Rusty Malinoski and Niclola Butler won for wakeboarders.