1: Landing my first 900. Landing the trick was so exciting for myself but then to have Jack Blodgett filming and a crew of close friends in the boat to witness it made it all the more the best day of 2010.

2: Landing my first Pete Rose with Oakley Team manager Matty Swanson in the boat and team mate Nicola Butler driving. Definitely a memorable day!

3. Winning my first ever Pro Tour Stop, the final Pro Tour Stop for the year in Knoxville, 3rd last off the dock, watching Nicola and Emily ride, it was so close. When the scores were posted and I found out I phoned my Mum and Dad in Australia with tears in my eyes to tell them the news.

4.Wakestock UK, it was cold, it was windy, but we all had an awesome time. The event is so much fun, great Dj’s and atmosphere.

5. Abu Dhabi. At the very start of the year I went on the Media trip for Wakestock Abu Dhabi, got to experience the city and meet new friends. I really enjoyed my time there and going back for the Wakestock event, the pool rail set up was a bunch of fun, sessioning the rail with Dean Smith, Nicola Butler, JD webb and whoever was up there was Good Times!