5.Fise: In the plane, My brother Ollie has the great idea to steal a pizza and to hide under the tray table. The Lady realizes there is one pizza missing and she thinks I stole it. She starts yelling at me : Someone is gong to have nothing to eat since you stole the pizza I just gave you. As she was screaming at me for at least 7 minutes on front of everybody my brother wasn’t saying anything. He was just looking at everyone like he had not done anything bad. It took him 10 minutes to finally say sorry I stole the pizza. He looked like an idiot and it was awesome when everyone realized he was the burglar. Then the event was sick, I won and it couldt have been a better trip with exception that I forgot my macbook in the plane

4.Wake the Line: Best trip of the year no doubt. Head to head agains my brother on the best rail set up I had ever seen. Then against Henshaw. WOn the event and I was really stoked. Germans are awesome people

3.Wake Games: I had been practicing a pass for the first time in my life pretty much. I had been riding during the spring season for the first time in my life and it paid off since I won my frost jr pro men event. It gave me the confidence to win some events for the rest of the year. I realized that I could actually win contests if I put my mind to it.

2.LIving at the compound: I had the chance to stay for a little less than 3 months at the KING OF WAKE’s )Aaron Rathy) place. What could I ask more. Staying with one of the best wakeboarder in the world, Im in Orlando, I have no school except for one course I am suppose to do by internet that I never did and I get to ride an extra 3 months, That’s another season! he has 2 mini ramp and a trampoline, waverunner, rooftop and I get to compete with the greatest competitor at every aspect of life. I won one game of S.K.A.T.E in 3 months! Learned a lot ( on the water and off the water) and to make food especially. Can’t wait for next year !

1.Wake Awards: Winnng the rail rider of the year was the greatest prize I had ever received. This had been one of my dream for years and to be really honest. When I started the season I had no clue I would have been nominated for the award. I went to Germany pretty much aiming for 2nd since I knew Tom Fooshee was attending the event. For the first time I thought 2nd wasn’t so bad.