Just got home from the Toronto boat show and boy does it feel nice to see the sunshine…I've never quite understood how Canada can produce such great wakeboards when they spend half of the year freezing their asses off. The customs guys in Toronto were not happy with the story I was telling about going to wakeboard when it was zero degrees ferenheit outside the doors of the airport (man Farenhiet is a hard word to spell, I may never figure it out). Once we busted through the gates of Canada it was right to the boat show and into the full suit for some winch Jammin'. 


I was told the pool would be cold so I came prepared with my full suit, but keith was not so prepared. He decided to skin it for the jam where we were landing in 34 degree water inside a hockey ring.


Riders including Dary Znebel, Chris Guard, and Robbie McMillan and more all made the trek out to the show ready to take it to the rails after several long months in the cold. The setup was legit with a full on kinked stairset taking the knarly factor to the extreme. Reed hansen was hanging with the strappers with all sorts of frontsides to backsides to sideslides and shuvit's out. Big ups to whomever pulled off the hottub at the start and to Dary Znebel for actually trying the double tantrum off the kicker after about an hour of peer pressure…Enjoy the photo's courtesy of JJ Flegg.