How better to show off a rockabilly and tattoo inspired collection than at your local dive bar. (In this case Odin’s Den.) Located behind a 7-11 and next to one of the South’s many greasy spoons, it’s hard to get more Florida than the Den. On any given day you’ll find a combination of tree trimmers, punk rockers, scenesters, old farts and of course beer lovers all enjoying clouds of cigarette smoke and some of Florida’s finest cool beer. Good place for a fashion show? Probably not, but we’re UGP and we’re anything but conventional. So here are my highlights of the night in no particular order.

– Setting up at 1pm and finding the bar already bustling with either the un-employed, the retired or those awaiting their next DUI trial.

– Getting to the bar at 6pm and finding it packed with camo hats, rat tails and HiTek work boots. TIF (This is Florida).

– The overwhelming smell of swamp gas or trash, I couldn’t quite figure which one, coming from every direction.

– Hair and make up being done in the back kitchen of the bar next to a mountain of kegs and french fry friers.

– Who brought the dicks? The local Orlando hellions show up to have fun, drink and try to burn the place down.

– Eat the Elderly comes on and immediately start to rock the house. This ain’t your average fashion show.

– Greg Smee, one of our models, drinking Windex and spitting it into the crowd. He did the same thing with Ketchup, Beer and paper towels. I think this kid is part Billy goat.

– Models finish their walk and chaos ensues. Eat the Elderly plays three more songs and the whole front row is a tornado of arms, legs, metal head banging, picking up change and beer cans.

– Success! Everyone has a great time and now it’s time to get something to eat.

All in all, it was an amazing and everyone had a great time. Special thanks to Holly and Terry at Odin’s for giving us the space. Pamela at Redbull and the girls who came out. Corrine at Alchemy and all the Stylists who worked in the tiniest space under the most impossible conditions and made everyone look amazing. All of our models for the amazing job that they did. Eat the Elderly – my favorite band, they’ll be your favorite band too. Marty for taping the whole event. Chad for coming and shooting photos. My creative team – Stef Tor and Kyle Hyams. Wann Chong, our boss, for giving us the creative freedom to put something like this together. “As a fashion designer I have never been so excited about a show like this before. I felt as if UGP’s first ever Fashion show was a success everyone was having fun and wylin’ out in traditional UGP Fashion. Thanks to Alchemy hair Salon, Eat The Elderly , all of the models and most importantly all the loyal UGP supporters” –Stef Tor