Wakeboarding’s most elite contest of 2014 kicked off today with a qualifying round at Puerto Cancun, Mexico hosted by the World Wakeboard Association (WWA) and Malibu Boats.
Qualifying riders battled for seeding to join the top riders in the world who are already qualified for Saturday’s competition. The Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV served up a massive wake and the venue delivered with great conditions.
Camaraderie was running high, as this event is also designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the WWA. Iconic wakeboarders and industry gurus all met up today as anticipation climbed for Sunday’s final round and awards party.
Riders are excited to throw down in this unique format, scoring their best six-trick run in each round. Each round will offer the riders two chances to better their score with no pickups allowed. In the finals, riders will be able to put a stamp on their run with a double up. This format encourages unique and diverse riding and judges will have a keen eye for legitimate grabs, clean landings and overall composition.
Malibu Boats and the WWA have a shared interest in evolving the look and feel of competitive wakeboarding, and the Cancun Pro is the first step towards wakeboarding’s next level.

Video from Malibu Boats
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