The first day of the 2015 Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown was an extra special one. Not only was it the kickoff of the 2015 pro competition season in North America, but it was also the opening weekend of Miami Watersports Complex, the newest cable park in the world. The MWC team has been hard at work the past couple weeks to get all the UNIT obstacles installed and the new park in tip-top shape for the weekend. That hard work has more than paid off, as MWC is going to be a popular destination for season pros and newcomers alike for years to come. The facility and cables (yes, cables, there are two full-size cables at MWC) are top-notch.


Tom Fooshee gearing up for some dawn patrol before the kickoff of the 2015 Monster Energy Wake Park Triple Crown series at the new Miami Watersports.   Photos: Garrett Cortese

The day kicked off with the amateur divisions and quickly went into the Open Men’s, Open Women’s, and, new for 2015, the Super Grom’s division. From there the pro wakeskate, pro women, and pro men hit the water and laid it all on the line at the new park setup. MWC is a big park with seven towers, which means there is a lot of room for a big variety of features. The riders took advantage and went to work, laying down stylish tricks and a lot of big air.


Shawn Watson and Fooshee having some fun with doubles

One of the really neat things about this MEWPTC event is the number of riders and the diversity of riders competing. There are pros from a variety of backgrounds and countries – and every continent is represented. Even a number of riders not normally known for competing in the WPTC series made the trip to Miami to give it a go, including riders like Harley Clifford, Mike Dowdy, Kevin Henshaw, Shawn Watson, and more.


Riders’ Meeting before the kickoff of the event


Shane Bonifay is back as the MC for the Wake Park Triple Crown series this year, but even better he’s also back on the water and competing – and more than holding his own


Angelika Schriber and Jamie Lopina dealing with some breezy conditions


Dowdy sending it off the kicker


Graeme Burress getting things started in the morning warm-ups


Dock time with Daniel, Windsor, and Fooshee

Unfortunately as the day went on the winds in Miami picked up, to the point where it actually became too windy to ride because the features were being pushed around in the water too much. The contest had to be cut short for the day, but that just means there is going to be even more insane riding to watch on Saturday. Be sure to head out to MWC, located in Amelia Earhart Park in the Hialeah area of Miami to watch all the action, interact with all your favorite riders, and have a ton of fun at an awesome new cable.


Cody Hesse sending it off the UNIT XL kicker with a huge indy tantrum,


Harley goofing off with the crowd while running back to the dock to get back on the course and ride