I live in Orlando with a pro wakeboarder who has a boat. You’d think I’d be wakeboarding every day, right? If I were you, I would think so, too. Truth of the matter is I barely wakeboard at all. The fact that I suck probably holds me back from doing it more, and now gas prices are a great excuse to not ride; but really I take a lot of pictures and hang out on a lot of boats, and just don’t ride much.
    Today, though, Jeff and I went out for a little afternoon set and I brought my board along for shits and giggles. After watching Jeff shred the gnar like he always does — super smooth and super stylish — I hopped behind the boat for the first time since November. Definitely not super smooth or super stylish, but still fun. And that’s all that matters — the fun. Sometimes I think I get caught up in how good the athletes I shoot are and how picky I am about what makes a good, stylish wakeboarding photo that I intimidate myself from hopping on a board and having fun. I have nobody to blame but myself.
    The reason all of us are involved in this industry is because we love wakeboarding and riding behind a boat. Is it my favorite thing to do in the world? No, I’m the first to admit that a powder day at Squaw Valley is more fun for me than riding a wakeboard, but I still love riding a wakeboard, hanging out on the boat in the sun, and having a good time with friends. Don’t worry about how good you are or aren’t, or how good your fellow boaters are, because that’s not what matters. Just worry about what it’s going to take to have some fun. Unfortunately in our world that’s probably going to be a sizable chunk of your wallet, but in the end you know it’s going to be worth it.
    Here’s to the season ahead and the numerous sets we’re all looking forward to taking. With a little motivation (and some more exercising) maybe I’ll ride more this year than I ever have before.