I was sitting down with Josh Cantor a few weeks ago and we were talking about how much it sucks that there are no professional events in Southern California this year.  As the conversation evolved, it became evident that there was only one solution- we needed to throw a party.  With Sean Kilgus’ new film Drive on the verge of being released, what figured what better way to get Southern California wakers stoked than to have a video premiere.  Event on!
                We quickly made a call to the main man behind Orange County Wakesports, RJ Flake, letting him know to start putting the word out.  Soon enough, emails were sent out and press releases were put up and the event started to come together.  
                Around 5pm, Southern California industry big wigs, riders, and fans began to show up at the Orange County Wakesports location.  There was even a crew that drove down from Oregon to take part in the festivities.   I’m pretty sure the shop was WELL over capacity for the premiere (Don’t tell the fire marshal).  As the lights went out, the typical cheers and whistles that typically accompany a video premiere could easily be heard.  The crowd quickly quieted down in awe as the movie got underway.  The movie ended with a loud applause and a ton of smiles.
                Big thanks to Sean Kilgus, Wakesports Unlimited, and everyone who came out to make this premiere a huge success!
Video Highlights
Randall Harris has the first section.  Watch it.
New zip line camera technique used.
The crowd singing along to ‘Bro Hymn’ by Pennywise, which accompanied Rusty’s section.
Ben Greenwood’s section.  Uhm…yeah.
The “bangers” start about half way through Danny Harf’s section.