We are having a 10 day contest!!!  So here is the deal.  Ronix/Radar is giving out the opportunity to ride at the amazingly secret Radar Lake.  This is a big deal; very few people will ever know where it is, let alone get to ride there.  This is how the contest works:
         On August 14th and 15th you will get the opportunity to visit Radar Lake while Parks Bonifay does some shooting for his upcoming Parks Documentary.  You will see the Ronix/Radar 2009 Line up and get a chance to demo some of the new product on Radar Lake.  This all happens on a Thursday and Friday, then on Saturday and Sunday (16th & 17th) you can stay a few extra days and check out the Malibu Team challenge and watch Ronix riders go heads up with other brands in the industry and see some more top notch riding.  All you have to do is get yourself up there and a place to stay.  Boats, gas, 2009 products, secret directions to Radar Lake and pro riders will be provided for you.  You will also get a one year subscription to Alliance Wake magazine.
          To receive a chance at this life time opportunity for any wake boarder,, there will be a drawing in our shop to be a winner, in order to get one of the tickets to be part of the drawing you have to purchase a Ronix Pro Model board by August 7th!!!.  Certain models will come with more tickets than others, for instance, the DHV1(dark core version of the ONE).  Once you make your purchase you will fill out your ticket(s) and enter them with the shop.