We’re back with week three of the 5 week Instagram photo battle. This week we are featuring Shawn Watson’s favorite 5 pictures in no particular order. Watson has been on instagram from the beginning and has actually introduced several of the other riders to the network, so it’s only right we give him his 15 minutes in the spotlight, Especially after all the bashings he’s taken for his sunset photo fetish. Ha!


Virginia Sunrise –  My buddy Chris lives over in Winter Park on Lake Virginia. We had a late night out and continued the afterparty at his pad. The best part is that everyone was hitting me up wondering why I was up so early shooting in Winter Park, little did they know I had yet to go to sleep. haha.



Rocked – This pic was at the Vegas Dew Tour / Monster Million Dollar Cup race. We were about three nights deep into the Vegas experience and Shane’s rockstar vibe was wearing him down. The elevator was the only place he felt safe to relax. Jimmy looks like a young meatloaf too.



Donabob – This is a picture of Donovan Frankenreiter on top of Bob Soven’s shoulders while riding the hot dog tube. Donovan was in town to play a concert and McKee, Bob and I all took him wakesurfing over at Jeff’s place. He was all over the place: Surfing, skiing, tubing, and whatever else was on the dock and meant for water. He transferred to Bob’s shoulders from a child’s uni-ski sled type deal right before I snapped the pic.



Sunset at my Place – Lake Hiawassee has some killer sunsets that I can’t resist taking photo’s of. Apparently at some point I took one too many and everybody blasted me on instagram for being such a sunset lover. Now anytime there is a good photo of a sunset everyone mentions me.



Sitting Sleeper – Bob Slept like this for hours until Rattray eventually found him. It was in Canada where he was proud to be of the legal drinking age so he took full advantage. I remember hearing him go to the bathroom as I dozed off to sleep  then Rattray came around hours later to continue the party, went to the bathroom and found this gem.


Which of Watson’s photo’s is your favorite?

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