On Saturday, May 19th, the Professional Wakeboarding Tour kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia and, believe it or not, Alliance was there. Guess who else was there? Two-time wakeboarding champion of the world,  Andrew Adkison. Bill McCaffray and I ran into him at the Rip It  energy drink booth, and we instantly hit it off. I have always heard about what an outgoing and friendly guy he is, but man is that an understatement! We decided to follow him around a bit in an attempt  to discover exactly what it takes to be a World Champ, and what we discovered was astonishing! The secret to his success? Always keep a positive attitude and a big smile on your face. Andrew had a smile on his face the entire day, even after a not-so-friendly encounter with the authority figures. Andrew did some interviews, posed for some photos with fans, and even got the chance to hang with some of the other big names in wakeboarding. It was amazing how many people just wanted their picture taken with him. Being a big star is much harder work than I had imagined — the Paparazzi was relentless. No wonder Britney went nuts. Andrew hardly had any time to himself. When he did have some time alone he was very quite and seemingly introspective, but that million dollar smile never left his face. It was a little weird when Andrew picked up his girlfriend's purse and carried it around for a while, but at least he didn’t put on any makeup or anything. Regardless, Andrew was  a huge hit at PWT stop #1 and he will always be a champ in our book!