Aaron Reed left me a voicemail two days ago and said he had a "bone to pick" with me. I was a little nervous to call him back because while I had thought it was simply a joke, I wasn't sure if we were to that level in our friendship where I could read his humor accurately every time. I started thinking of everything I've written lately hoping I didn't say anything to piss him off, and then it hit me. WE DIDN'T INVITE AARON TO THE GEAR GUIDE CONTEST!!! Crap. It was a contest where wakeskaters wakeboard, and we all know how good Aaron is on a wakeboard. So, as any good man should, I blamed the entire thing on Garrett. It was actually legit considering he did most of the organizing for the event, but still, how could we forget AARON REED! I just want to be loud and clear when I say to all that AARON REED IS THE BEST WAKESKATING WAKEBOARDER IN THE WORLD. HE'S LIKE THE SCOTT BYERLY OF CROSSOVER.


(oh yeah, it turns out Garrett didn't call Reed because he was out of down. who's fault is it now Mr. Reed!?)