Winter Winching?  Why would someone wanna brave the ice cold waters of the winter, when they live in such a great place to snowboard.  Well, I must be crazy. Riding during the winter is a lot of fun, with all the rain we get here in Oregon, a lot of places flood.  LOTS!! Just like I'm sure it does all over the country, but maybe just a little more here, than there.

A big reason for riding in the winter is water rights.  At my water box gap (cause it's like a huge sand box, with water) I can only pipe water out of the creek from Nov 1 – June 1.  That right there is reason enough for me to wanna ride through the winter months.  Plus with all the great gear out there now, staying warm is not up to the guy riding anymore.  It's the guy filming, or taking pics.  Winch operator has it good, cause the winch puts off some heat.  We bring propane heaters with us and that is such a huge help in making it more enjoyable.  You really want a 4/3 wetsuit, Booties, and yes even gloves. When it's wintertime, it's not about how good you look but more how warm you are.  I'd rather be warm and look like a seal, than freezing and only ride a few times. Oh and a hood is God's gift to no ice-cream headaches.  The most important thing is if you don't fall you can ride from land to land and not even get wet.
I'm lucky to have such a great crew to ride with, a lot of the boys from Active Water Sports (AWS) come out and rip it up. I have a great photographer Spencer, and when he comes Brett Jackson. Brett also rips on a skate and strap-on.  Joe Miller is my Projects Pat.  Joe is in construction and is a master with a hammer, saw, anything.  (Pat, I found your bald brother.)   Everyone helps out with setting up, filming, building, clean up, and just giving their all.  I'm always stoked to get some new blood out to ride with us, and people are always welcome to come out.  I've had quite the group come out, Homeless guys, FL kids with some Texans and Californians in there too….  I hope you enjoy the pictures and the vibe we have created out here in the wild Wild West.   Brooke and Silas, you need to stop being so lazy and come on down here and ride.