Mayan Water Complex Hosts Stand Out Performances on Day Two of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy

Playa del Carmen, Mexico (October 19, 2019) – Day two of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy saw battles of epic proportion with athletes in every division vying for a chance at the 2019 World titles. The 7X Wakeboard and 5X Wakesurf Boat of the Year, the Super Air Nautique G23, has been known to be the catalyst of progression, ensuring every event pulled by these legendary boats sees nothing short of the best riding in the world. Closing out another epic day of wakeboard and wake park competition, riders and their families convened back at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo for the Roswell Marine Foam Party taking home free Roswell swag and kicking back with new friends along the poolside. 
The Mayan Water Complex has played host to multiple WWA events creating a global stage for wake athletes to come to deliver their best performances and creativity with every pass. The Boys Traditional division produced an all-time show for the crowds, with Wake Purdy (CDN) coming away with a heat win throwing a T/S B/S 540 for a final score of 97.90, ahead of Cameron Spalding (CDN) in second with 88.60. Axel Paget (FRA) came away with the win in heat two throwing a very impressive pete rose in the flats for S95.80, followed by Zach Montez (USA) in second with 92.10. In the Jr. Boys Traditional semifinal, Ethan Bertogal (FRA) took the top spot as the only competitor in his division to throw an air trick with his big raley in the flats for a perfect final score of 100.00. Ike Phillips (USA) threw down to finish in second with 87.90 and advancing to the finals. 

DAY 2 RECAP | 2019 Nautique WWA Worlds presented by Rockstar Energy

The Pro Men’s Quarterfinal heat one was lit on fire back at the boat lake, with Cobe France (AUS) charging the wake with a very stylish indy tantrum to blind to earn his winning score of 76.67. Guenther Oka USA) took heat two, earning a score of 79.33 sticking his melan pete rose for the win. In heat three Shota Tezuka (JPN) took with win displaying his signature big amplitude on all of his tricks for a score of 78.67. Nautique athlete Tony Iacconi (AUS) snagged a heat four win starting off pass one with a massive indy moby dick for a score of 79.00. Tyler Higham (USA) laid down an incredible run putting his west coast on style on two stand passes in heat five for a winning score of 89.00. Rockstar Energy athlete Nic Rapa (AUS) threw down two doubles and a nose grab pete rose for the top spot in heat six and a score of 87.33. In heat seven Roswell’s Cory Teunissen (AUS) capped off his run with a super clean double half cab roll leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind he was headed into the semifinal round with 86.33 points. Harley Clifford (AUS) took the win in the final heat of the quarterfinals throwing multiple mobe 540s for a winning score of 86.33.
Cameron Spalding (CDN) rode away with the win in heat one of the Groms Features semifinals going technical on all the rails complete with a B/S lipslide to B/S 360 to B/S 360 bagel out for a 96.10 score. In heat two, Ethan Bertogal (FRA) laid down a H/S F/S 720 to score 96.10. Sebastian Framdahl (SWE) took win in heat three sending him into final round after throwing a B/S 720 and KGB off the kickers for a score of 100.00. Axel Paget (FRA) owned heat four with a pete rose off the kicker for a score of 98.00.  The Girls Features semifinal saw some serious up and coming talent with Callie Zellenrath (CDN) winning the heat with a 94.40 point score, landing a T/S F/S 360 and a scarecrow. 

The Jr. Men Semifinal heat one set the pace for an intense battle behind the Super Air Nautique G23, with Graham Hebert (USA) charging the wake with a clean whirly bird to take the winning score of 63.00, followed by Crew Christensen (USA) in second with 54.00. Igor Colombo (ITA) took heat two, earning a score of 83.00 sticking his skeezer for the win. Jimmy Schmidt (USA) took second, scoring 75.00. In heat three Barrett Swope (USA) came away with the win throwing an indy tantrum to blind for a score of 64.00, ahead of Pablo Monroy (MEX) in second with 63.67 points. Macauley Needham (AUS) put down a tootsie roll in heat four sealing the deal on his first place finish and a score of 75.33, followed by Joey Gurr (CDN) with a score of 64.33.
Adaptive blind athlete, Scott Leason (USA), made his way to Mexico for his very first Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championship to officially cap off season with an unforgettable weekend of the world’s best wake action. Utilizing the wake of the Super Air Nautique G23, Leason threw multiple 180s for a winning score of 68.33 in today’s semifinal round of action. 
Anna Nikstad (USA) took down the Pro Women’s Features Only semifinal heat one with a T/S B/S 360 off the kicker to score 98.10, ahead of Courtney Angus (AUS) in second with 89.30 points. Defending World Champion Julia Rick (GER) won heat two with a T/S B/S 450 to 90 out grabbing a perfect 100.00 point score, ahead of second place finisher Lisa Baloo (RUS) with 86.00 points.

The Pro Men Features Only semifinal was nothing short of amazing with Daniel Grant (THA) sticking a huge moby dick 540 off the kicker and annihilating all the rails to score 97.20 points for the win in heat one. Winning heat two, Liam Brearley (CDN) put down a H/S B/S 360 to nose press to F/S 360 out to take the top spot with 93.40 points. Riley Dillon (CDN) scored 95.80 winning heat three today with a masterful run that included a T/S B/S 900 and some insane lines. Victor Salmon (BEL) took heat four throwing a T/S B/S 1080 to send him into Sunday’s final round and a 97.40 point score. Going super technical on all of the rails William Klang (SWE) took the top spot in heat five earning 88.90 points. Defending WWA Wake Park World Series Champion Guenther Oka (USA) put down an insane run throwing two 1080s off the kickers and backing it up with textbook rail hits for a final score of 97.20 to win the final heat.
The Girl’s division saw Kira Lewis (USA) take her very first WWA Wakeboard World title after two stand-up passes with a method late 180 and H/S back roll scoring 90.33. Laney Chadwick (AUS) put the pressure on Lewis, coming in second with a score of 81.67 after landing a T/S front roll. Rounding out the podium in third, Alexa Guajardo (MEX) scored 79.33. The Boys division kicked off the day with Noah Bullard (AUS) putting down a H/S 720 and a dum dum taking the World title with a score of 85.00. Taking the podium in second, Alex Albin (USA) threw a massive moby dick in his run behind the award-winning Super Air Nautique G23 for a score of 79.67. Xavier Olea Vorhauer (USA) finished third scoring 74.33. 

“The chance to compete here at the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy is an aspiration for these athletes and we are honored to partner with Nautique Boats and the Mayan Water Complex to make this year’s event the largest and greatest event to date,” said WWA Executive Director Corrie Wilson. “We have already seen some amazing riding these first two days and the competition will only get better as we head into the weekend.” 

For a full list of results from day one of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy Click Here.
For a full list of results from day one of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy Click Here.
Day three of the 2019 Nautique WWA Wakeboard and Wake Park World Championships presented by Rockstar Energy begins at 8:00 a.m. CT on Saturday, October 19th.
To view the daily schedule, Click Here. This event is FREE for all spectators and families. 
Dedicated to progressing the sport from the ground up, the Nautique Wake Series puts riders first, developing the stars of tomorrow and showcasing the top athletes of today with every major event held behind the Super Air Nautique G23. The Nautique Wake Series is the only event series that gives riders of all ages, gender and skill level the opportunity to compete at an elite level. level. 
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