So It turns out not all the best video’s on the internet can be found on Youtube…Vimeo is on the way up and a favorite destination for Clay – Hence the new / improved / ten times more awesome title!

1. The Wild Women

“I usually watch this one when I’m feeling fat and running out of dance moves…”

2. Ryan Paul – Poachers X full part
“I’ve been watching this video a ton lately with Marc Rossiter to get pumped up before we ride…He’s a jib master”

3. Sexy Saxaphone Man – (You’ll have to search this one on Youtube)

“A true American Hero! Who doesn’t like George Michael?”

4. Blue Grass Jam

“If you know anyone who would be willing to comp us some studio time we’ve got a few tracks we’re looking to lay down on vinyl…”

5. Daddy Vision pt. 7 “The Weight Room”

“Pat Laughlin aka the Jackhammer aka Big Daddy is comin’ in hot…Haha! I met this guy last summer filming for Thrillbillies and he was a total riot. He’s got a whole series of these Daddy Vision videos which are all pretty entertaining.”