We went out with the crew from Rusty Surfboards to test out their 2015 models, Skunk Monkey and Snaggle Tooth. With over 30 years in the surfboard shaping business their wakesurfboards took to the wave with perfection.

Skunk Monkey: Geared more toward your bigger build surfer who wants more volume and width to keep that perfect glide. Also, great for any beginner trying to get the feel to wakesurf rope free.

Snaggle Tooth: This board is great for the intermediate to advanced level wakesurfer. It has the ability to perform all the tricks in your arsenal as well as being lightening fast to keep in the pocket.

Keep your eyes out for these models at a local retailer near you.

Rusty Board Models

Blake Shwack Skunk Monkey

Blake taking the Skunk Monkey for a rip

Tail Slide Riles Snaggletooth

Riles releasing the fins on the Snaggle Tooth


The shaper himself… Mr. Clint Preisendorfer