FORT WORTH, Texas (May 7, 2016) — The biggest names in wakeboarding and wakesurfing rode into Fort Worth for the 2016 season opener of the five-stop Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour, the largest and longest-running professional wakeboard and wakesurf circuit in the industry. Super-fans and newcomers alike crowded the shoreline at Trinity Trails at Marine Creek Lake to watch the pros go big with massive tricks and unprecedented performances.

From brother-versus-brother battles to insanely competitive final heats, there wasn’t a dull moment – on the water or onshore – during Saturday’s event. In an unexpected upset, 2015 Rookie of the Year Cory Teunissen fell short during wakeboarding semi finals, and defending champion Harley Clifford didn’t place in the top three. Noah Flegel (wakesurf) and Mike Dowdy (wakeboard) took home the top prizes.

In the wakesurf division, brothers Keenan Flegel and Noah Flegel ran a tight race all the way to the final round, where younger brother Noah beat out his defending champ sibling for the top spot on the podium. Coming in third place was 16-year-old Parker Payne, a Dallas-area native. All seven contestants will continue on to the next three stops of the the wakesurf tour.

Wakeboarder Mike Dowdy hammered out huge, big-air tricks in every round, landing him in first place for his his second career tournament win. Rusty Malinoski and Tony Iacconi took home second and third places, respectively. All 16 riders have another shot at victory at the next event in Mooresville, N.C., on June 18.

Despite less-than-ideal wind conditions, the Supra Boats SA550 — the official tow boat for the 2016 tour — towed the riders with precision, generating its signature clean, consistent and controlled wakes for the athletes to take advantage of.

The Supra Boats Pro Wakeboard Tour continues through the summer with stops in Mooresville, N.C.; Monroe, Wash.; Edmonton, Alberta (no wakesurf); and Indianapolis, Ind. For more information, visit