Hey kids, guess what?! The May issue of Alliance Wake is out now and that means two things. 1) Awesome stuff for you to read and look at to get your wake fix, 2) summer is almost here! This issue has the goods to get you stoked, here’s why if you don’t have one coming in the mail you should go grab a copy.

First of all, the cover is insane. It’s none other than Delta veteran Derek Cook snagging his second ever cover of Alliance. Taken by fellow Delta legend Rodrigo Donoso, this shot was taken while the crew was filming for the upcoming video Dog Dayz. You’re probably wondering the same thing we were when we first saw this picture… but that’s Derek using a partially sunken boat as a kicker and doing a wrapped 360 off of it. Jibbing and boat riding, all in one.


Of course you can’t have a cover of some Dog Dayz action without a story. By the time you get your issue the California-based video will have had its worldwide premiere (and maybe you will have even seen it). Trust us when we tell you that this is a movie you have to go get. Seriously, just go mow the lawn or wash the car, earn a little cash, and buy this thing. It will make you not only want to get out and ride like nothing else, but it will probably make you rethink the way you want to ride. Dog Dayz is that kind of badass, and this issue has the story behind the making of it – with some more awesome photos from the aforementioned Rodrigo.


The west coast video action is followed up by one of the more insightful interviews we’ve published in Alliance. Over a few days of riding, hanging out, and gym sessions, Garrett Cortese chatted with the incomparable Mike Dowdy about a variety of topics and he opened up in a way very few would. You’re definitely going to want to read the whole thing and find out more about what makes Dowdy tick and what makes him so unique not just as a wakeboarder, but as a person in general.


The “No Filter” interview this issue features none other than Tom Fooshee. A legend in his own right, Tom reflects on what it’s been like to be a major proponent of cable riding all the way back to the days when nobody gave it any respect, as well as what it’s going to take for wakeboarding to continue to grow and progress around the globe.


The issue wraps up with one of our favorite Alliance-style events: the High Jump Contest. Jeff McKee first concocted this crazy idea way back in 2007 and it was both hilarious and awesome. For some reason we never did it again, until now. Have you ever wondered just how high some of the pros can jump going wake-to-wake? Well wonder no more, just grab this issue and check it out (and be prepared to laugh as well). Plus, stay tuned to the site for the full video.