The World Championships of Wakesurfing went down this past weekend at Moss Pond Park in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and the conditions couldn’t have been more epic. With the Centurion Ri237 pushing out a gigantic wave all weekend, 180 competitors in a variety of amateur and professional divisions showed off their best stuff for a chance at being called World Champ.

Wakesurfing has grown a ton in the past few years, and nowhere is that more evident than in the professional ranks of both skim and surf style contests. The level of riding and consistency is mind blowing. After a brief rain delay, the pro women kicked things off with the skim division and favorite Taylor Dorey came out on fire. Her two stand up passes sealed the deal, especially as she finished her run off with a first-ever gummy shuv.

Following that was the pro men’s skim division, led by none other than the multi-talented Noah Flegel. A couple untimely falls cost the younger Flegel though, which left the door open for others. Nobody seized that opportunity like young up-and-comer Cole Sorensen. The Minnesota native threw down one of his best runs ever and came away on top of the podium. He was followed by John Akerman and Aaron Witherell.

The surf division for the women started off with some heavy competition, but everybody’s eyes were focused on 2x reigning champ Ashley Kidd. While Allison Sos and Jordan Wolfe gave Ashley a run for her money, nothing was going to stop her from three-peating. Not only did she manage to do that, but afterward she accepted a proposal from boyfriend Aaron Witherell. Congrats to both of you Ashley and Aaron, a match made in wakesurf heaven.

The men’s surf division was the highlight of the weekend and went down just as the sun was setting, making for an epic scene. The final was stacked with the likes of Chris Wolter, Aaron Witherell, and the ever-present Flegel brothers Keenan and Noah. While everybody put down amazing runs, it was the younger Flegel Noah who came out on top. Aaron grabbed second and Keenan got third.

The weekend capped off another amazing year in the world of competitive wakesurfing. Here’s to an even bigger and better 2017.

Men’s Skim
1. Cole Sorensen
2. John Akerman
3. Aaron Witherell
Men’s Surf
1. Noah Flegel
2. Aaron Witherell
3. Keenan Flegel

Women’s Skim
1. Taylor Dorey
2. Jodi Grasman
3. Caroline Villeneuve
Women’s Surf
1. Ashley Kidd
2. Jordan Wolfe
3. Allyson Sos

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