The crew here at Alliance wants to know why you like your favorite Obscura team rider. So write us a short paragraph, tell us why, and you will have the chance win your very own copy of Washed Up, for free! Make sure you get creative and show us some true love for your favorite Obscura water dancer. We will pick the most creative, most interesting, most stoke-filled entry at the end of each week. We will be featuring a different rider each week and accepting entries only for that rider. So when it is your favorite rider’s week, send us your short paragraph explaining why they are your favorite from team Obscura. Not only can you win a copy of the DVD, you might just get a response from that rider as well!

This week’s rider is Danny Hampson

Please send us your entry to –

Last winner for Grant Roberts: Ali Stanik

I totally love Grant Roberts. First off, I’ll be honest, he’s freakin’ hot. For reals. Not to mention he gets nasty on a wakeskate. He throws down skizito backside flips like nobody else can. Rookie of the year too? Come on how can you not love him. His 540 is dirty, and he always stomps his landings (well most times ;-)). He is def gunna be pro next year. I love watching him ride, not just cause he’s super nice to look at haha, but cause he rides so clean and like he doesn’t care. Plus on rails he does things I didn’t even know you could do with a wakeskate. He’s pretty much awesome in everyway. He is so steezy, watching video’s of him is legit, but I feel like watchin him in person would be something else, cause pictures and vids don’t do justice to wakeskating, especially to Grant cause of all the spins he throws and I don’t care if people diss on his flips, he throws down. always.