If you’re like us at Alliance, then you like Brostock. And if you like Brostock, then you like to party. To kick the New Year off right, we figured it was time to give away some sweet prizes, and first on the list is this limited edition Liquid Force Brostock board. Perfect for riding behind the boat, hanging on your wall, or converting into some sort of giant beer bong bonanza.

We got over 50 awesome entries and we wish we had 50 boards to give away but the sad fact is we only have 1. So after extensive deliberation and thought we narrowed it down to 5 stand out entires. Some of the criteria involved in the best photos were creativeness (anyone can chug), Girl Factor (not 10 dudes together), and just sheer extreme party factor.

Who throws the best party and thus deserves the board from the biggest party in wakeboarding. Without further adieu, here are the nominees!

Photo #1.  Boats, Floats and Girls. Cant go wrong at this party.

Photo #2 Creative Case and Girl in Bikini, Someone knows how to party.

Photo #3 A guy drinking out of a bucket, and sinking boats. Party?

Photo #4 Extreme Partying, Extremely Stupid. *Please never try this at home EVER*

Photo #5 Really tall sky pylon…. Need we say more?

Which Photo Deserves To Win BROstock Board

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